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Military Warehouse does NOT support or glorify Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan or any such movement or group. War souvenirs like these were brought home by our victorious American G.I.s in 1945.


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Original Nazi Portable Typewriter with the "SS Runes" Key and Serial Number

This is an extremely fine plus working example of the Nazi-era field portable German typewriter featuring the "SS" runic symbol above the 3 key. The keys still produce clear impressions (see my typed copy example). This typewriter has a black bakelite body and comes with the removable bottom section of the portable case (the case top is gone). This typewriter has no commercial-type label or maker's name, but the typewriter frame bears a stamped serial number and may indicate possible military or government use. Many of these typewriters were "de-Nazified" after the war by grinding off the SS runes key. Item #0711-1

Our price...$595

Listed and Sold in One Day!

Original Nazi NS-Studentenbund Membership Badges Maker-Marked "RZM M1/15" (Ferdinand Hoffstätter, Bonn am Rhein maker)

This is a small pile of excellent original Nazi "NS-Studentenbund" (National Socialist German Students League) member's badges. These alloy metal badges have a painted red-white-black design with a brass vertical mounting pin on back. Each badge is RZM maker-coded "M1/15" in various configurations for the maker Ferdinand Hoffstätter of Bonn am Rhein. These badges are "WWII veteran bring-backs" purchased from the veteran's son who stated his father "served in in the U.S. Army in WW2 under Patton. He was part of the occupying forces in Belgium, France and Germany. He brought back a few artifacts from Germany." These badges are being sold individually. I have two left. Item #0131-10-15

Our price...$50 Each

Sold Out

Original Nazi NSDAP Party Pin with Double-Marked "GES. GESCH."

This is a very fine NSDAP Party pin with brass body that is double-marked “GES. GESCH.”. Just one very small edge ding. This party pin is a "WWII veteran bring-back" purchased from the veteran's grandson who stated that this badge was "given me by Grandfather 50 years ago. They sat under my bed at my childhood house all this time”. Item #0410-5

Our price...$150


Original Hitler Youth Badge for Lower Styria German Youth

This is a near excellent scarcer Hitler Youth badge you don't often see. This badge was worn by members of the German Youth of Lower Styria, an area in northeastern Slovenia of Yugoslavia that was occupied and administered by the Germans during WWII with headquarters in Graz. During this time, Hitler Youth units were formed and this badge was issued to members. These badges are a "WWII veteran bring-back" purchased from the veteran's son who stated his father "served in in the U.S. Army in WW2 under Patton. He was part of the occupying forces in Belgium, France and Germany. He brought back a few artifacts from Germany." Item #0131-8

Our price...$75


Original Nazi Automobile License Plate Disk of the District Police Authority in Bonn

This is an excellent aluminum circular disk with raised lettering and eagle/swastika. The background has its original red paint finish. This disk measures about 1 3/4" in diameter, and still has the center metal mounting post base attached. This disk is a "WWII veteran bring-back" and "came back with my dad from WW2", according to the family member. Item #0305-1

Our price...$95

Listed and Sold in One Day!

Original Nazi SS EM Steel Belt Buckle by RODO

This is a very fine original SS EM steel belt buckle with about 60% of its original combat green paint finish still present on the obverse side, and about 85% on the reverse side. This belt buckle bears the maker's mark "RODO" for the Robert C. Dold firm. This SS buckle is a WWII veteran "bring-back" that was purchased from the family of WWII veteran William Archer of Illinois. Item #0308-1

Our price...$625

Listed and Sold in One Day!

Original Nazi Army EM M44 Late War Breast Eagle

This is a near excellent machine-woven breast eagle having a matte grey/green eagle/swastika embroidered onto a darker green woven triangular background with a lighter green edge. This patch measures about 5 1/8" wide. Item #0206-1

Our price...$55

Listed and Sold in One Day!

Original Nazi-Era Zeppelin Complementary Passenger Shaving Kit

This is an outstanding complementary shaving kit given to passengers on the Zeppelin dirigible flights. This complete unused kit comes in its original fitted red leatherette case with brass closing front latch. The kit includes a steel safety razor marked "D.R.G.M.", and two full boxes of Solingen-made wrapped safety razors within their original boxes. These items all fit into the hard red leatherette case that bears the gold embossed swastika-and-globe logo of the "Deutsche Zeppelin Reederei" on the top cover. A rare and desirable souvenir of the ill-fated Zeppelin era. Item #0609-15 

Our price...$285

Listed and Sold in One Day!





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